Gabriel had huge amounts of knowledge on pregnancy & birth, I absolutely trusted what she had to say.

– Zoe, trained midwife.

The classes had a very open and friendly atmosphere which made it possible to share and discuss various pregnancy ailments. I would definitely recommend Gabriel’s classes.

– Tamsin, Magistrate.

I always felt very safe, calm and reassured in her presence.  The atmosphere was very calm, inclusive and empowering.

She had a wealth of knowledge and advice about childbirth and looking after small babies as well as mum. It wasn’t just physical yoga – I felt she gave me great psychological support too.

-Jane Secker, Sky TV News Journalist.

She referred back to her own children which also made me feel at ease given that this was my first baby.

– New mum.

[During labour] I concentrated on my breathing and used it as a huge distraction when having contractions. I also used a few of the yoga positions that I’d learnt to ease the pain and help with the labour.

– Zoe

Friendly, relaxed and welcoming as well as feeling like I’d left having done a really good class.

– Zoe

The breathing techniques and positions were particularly useful for birthing. Gabriel taught me about ‘golden thread’ breathing which I found really helpful during labour. She also gave me confidence that I could do it, that it was ‘natural’ pain, and that it would eventually pass.

– Pregnancy yoga attendee

I had pelvic pain – Gabriel had particularly good suggestions for dealing with and improving this condition – her advice was more comprehensive than the usual advice given by the midwives.

– Tamsin

Attending yoga gave me familiarity with different positions which helped with my difficult (posterior) labours.

– Client of 6 years

Very good advice about the exercises that could be done soon after birth helped me to recover my strength and Gabriel had lots of helpful advice on breastfeeding.

– Postnatal Yoga attendee